Scam report about doris 

First name:  doris
Age:  25
Location:  ghana
On websites:  Ashley Madison
Report:  doris? Nice to meet you here Hi. Can you do video caht with me? chat Can we get to know each other better.....What brings you here if I may ask I've run into a lot of scammers on that website. Video is one way to eliminate that problem. OK.... Where are you from and what are you online seeking for if I may ask live in Norton.Looking for a GF or LTR and u? Same here seeking for my soulmate someone to spend the rest of my life with can u share a pic? I didnt see one of u on the website What do you look like pics are in my profile But you did not send me a pictures look in my Ashley profile I don't want to go there anymore I cant give out my personal info without verifying who u r. Can we go on video now? I don't have a Webcam but I will try and borrow a Webcam so that we can see each other live on the Webcam What are your experience online do you have a phone Send me a pictures of you do u have a phone? I am from mixed race family where my father is from USA and mother also from Ghana but as at now I am in Ghana living with my mother from since I loosed my father from USA and will be back to USA soon cos it is my dreams to spend rest of my life over there with the right man of my dreams dear,Will you like to have a more chat to know more and better of each other and see where our chat will lead us to..? if u answer my u have a phone Yeah But I have a problem with my phone You have a problem with anything that can show your a fake..godd bye What if u cant do video then I am not interested

Status of report:  is still without proof

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