Scam report about christabel hills

First name:  christabel
Last name:  hills
Aka:  free bird
Age:  29
Location:  denver co
On websites:  Ashley Madison
Report:  Let's chat on Hangouts! Hi Christabel Good morning, hope you had a great night yesterday? I did and you Sure, my went well. So how is the day going for you today? going okay. So tell me a little about yourself Well, am Christabel Hilton as you already know. Am from Para, Brazil originally but am currently living with an uncle here in Colombus furthing my studies in nursing. I happen to have a son from my previous relationship who would be five hopefully nextweek. That's the little i can say for now but you're allowed to ask any questions if you want. does your son live with you No he's in Para with one of my aunt. so how long r u in colombus Well am in my third year now and in my finallyear at school. Final typo . . . . No am not the phone am using is kind of slow. ok your using your phone? Yes. I connected the wifi here so I can use it. call me I can only call from here if that's okay. You were in a call with Christabel Mar 31, 4:02 PM You were in a call with Christabel Mar 31, 4:04 PM Why did you say my voice sound weird In which sense. You You were in a call with Christabel Mar 31, 4:05 PM It sounded like a mans voice trying to sound like a woman dont waste my time here if you are fooling me That's my voice if you have problem with it so be it. lets do a video on here.. I want 2 c u Do you know something you can't be ordering a lady just like you so want that's not how you treat a lady. sorry honey, that was an order I was asking u You don't demand like you're a God. You've been ordering me left to right from day one I was been patience but it's now gone over board when I asked you for a photo what did you give me not those one you took some years ago. Don't come control things here to right like you're a God am not begging for love. You can go your way if you think am s slave or something. not sure why your so upset over me asking u to go on video? The photo with me in the black shirt is two weeks old. Can we go on video now? I can't. Please let chat some other time. You can't video? Why not...because your not who u say u r?

Status of report:  is still without proof

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