Scam report about Viktoria Aleksandrovna Konevskikh

First name:  Viktoria Aleksandrovna
Last name:  Konevskikh
Age:  28
Location:  Russia
Address:  Nizhny Novgorod. Ilinskaya street house 8. Index 603001unknown
On websites:  mingle2, /
Report:  Hi, I had been corresponding with her from 28March2017 till 26June2017. I knew her on Mingle2 but then found her profile also on I am from Poland and we know much more on Russians and its reality so I was very carefull corresponding with this person. I must say that she seemed to be very reliable in our contacts. Then when we started to talk about meeting she started to write about money. i don't earn so well as men in old Western countries so I was not so quick to spend anything not checking her words before. The first it was a case of Schengen visa. She wrote that she could get it only in Moscov and would be there for a longer time to get it. I checked everything in our Polish visa departament in Moscov and they wrote me that in Nizniy Novgorod she could also get this visa. No travel to Moscov is neccessary. I become suspicious that maybe she even don't exist in reality but she send me two video and in one she said my name. Well she existed but what to do far. I wanted to meet her but to send about $600 was too much regarding that I didn't know her and had no warranty that we would really meet. Insteed I was so silly and send her 50 Euro. It was enough to pay for Schengen visa in EU office in Nizniy Novgorod. She got it but was angry. Funny but probably her appetite was much, much bigger. Anyway I have checked everything again, and againd and got a conclusion that it is too risky to send this girl, even if she really exist anything more. I have checked from time to time internet with her data because I've thought that maybe i had been no fair with her. Till now. I have found the notice on her on your site.Now I can be more peacefull that everything has finished as it has finished for me.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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