Scam report about Stanislava 

First name:  Stanislava
Age:  35
Location:  Russia
Report:  Alan, it says you mother your girls Stanislava. She was admitted to the hospital. Yesterday she took some pills. They found a note in her pocket and handed her to me today. She is currently in intensive care. Her condition is stable! My name is Natalia. The note says she did it because of you! Due to the fact that you are playing with her heart and senses and dumped her like a hot rock! She's going through surgery. 3350 dollars. We do not have that kind of money. All we could find was 1150 dollars. We need 2200 dollars now. Alan, it's your fault for what happened to her. If you do not help us, we'll have to go to the police. The more our police are cooperating with the police in the country. I found all your coordinates. I've opened all your correspondence with Stanislava. You need to help us. I do not want to lose my daughter.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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