Scam report about Aneliya Kirilova

First name:  Aneliya
Last name:  Kirilova
Aka:  Gyulyumser Sali
Age:  31
Location:  Grecce
Phone:  00306971991933
On websites:
Report:  This person contacted me on February 16, 2018 presenting herself as Ani and living in Athens Greece, by the end of March she began to insist that she wanted to know me, that she would like to come to Costa Rica but her income from work was not enough to buy an air ticket, so I asked if I could help you buy it and she took care of all the expenses of your stay here in my country, supposedly I ask your boss permission to come in the month of July to spend 15 days of vacation and to know each other, he began to insist that the money should be sent to him by moneygram or western union and thus be able to book the ticket, because there was a promotion of the airline and he did not want to lose this promotion that in total was of 2000 dollars, I mentioned that by regulations in my country Costa Rica I could not send more than 400 dollars a month, so I said I was worried that said promotion could not acquire it, I asked it to try send the money first through his mother named Elmaz Osman, located in Bulgaria street Kavda number 18 and the zip code 66100, then requested that the money be sent to his sister named Krasimir Stanchev located in suyidat Drama street Kadva number 18 zip code 66100 in Greece, and finally quite annoying because it was mid-April and she said that the offer was going to be kept for only a week, so I requested that her grandmother of Gyulyumser Sali, ID AM 0471143, be sent to her name, age 84 years widow nationality phone telefono 00306971991933 address calle verginas street number 4, postal code 66100, finally given that I was asked in Moneygram a document that proves that said person existed, I told him that he should send me a document, so I request I sent it directly to her in her name Analiya Kirilova with the ID AB 2702791, and by this time I knew something was wrong, since I was requesting an ID document I always mentioned that this document was not needed in Greece to withdraw the money, so things verify on Facebook the name of Analiya Kirilova, and to my surprise the photo appeared in the profile of the person she said to be his co-worker, of which I attach the link, said profile has already been deleted, I mentioned this person to explain the relationship I had with that person since days before I sent a photo where he appeared with her, did not respond as is logical, returned to review the profile on facebook and minutes later it had already been deleted, as well as the WhatsApp information with the number +30 697 199 1933 of course the number with which we communicated, in the last conversation I mentioned that I already knew that all this was a scam so I did not answer her calls, she wrote me that she wanted to tell me that everything was just a confusion or a misunderstanding, and that she had not sent the document because she did not know what bad things could be done with her data, the last time she contacted me was on April 20, 2018.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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