Scam report about Sarah Thomas

First name:  Sarah
Last name:  Thomas
Aka:  Aka Kathleen Isabella aka Oba Loluwa aka Steven Lyle
Age:  33
Location:  South Dakota, North Carolina and California, USA
Address:  Name:Steven Lyle Country:USA State:North Carolina City:Asheboro Zip code:27203
On websites:  Google
Report:  Report Deals with Sarah Thomas aka Oba Loluwa aka Kathleen Isabela aged 33 years from Dallas, USA and Asheboro, North Carolina, USA. Sarah 1st contacted me at Tender Dating site where she has a profile in the name of Sarahcares. She asked me for my mail and Hangouts address which I gave her. She messaged me at Hangouts and sent me some photos telling me that she wanted to form a relationship with me. I ran checks at Google and Yandex images but could find no trace of her at all. We conversed more and I pushed her for more photos, eventually she sent me a photo of a dancer named Luca Stohl. Before she sent me this photo I had absolutely no evidence whatsoever that she was scamming. Once I had this evidential photo I reverted to my normal tactic, filth, lol. Sarah wasn?t having any of that and started talking about autumn leaves falling and other crap. I got bored and left her roasting for two days, no contact whatsoever. I contacted her again and told her that I had been hospitalized after a heart attack. I asked her if she would come to Brazil and live with me and she said she would but obviously she didn?t have the air fare. I asked her to look into the cost and she came back with the figure of $800.00, she asked me if I had a local Walmart store or other store where I could send this by Western Union. Now I had her but I wasn?t entirely satisfied with the Google search which showed the Luca Stohl photo so I reverted to filth again. She still would not get into that subject apart from telling me her favourite sex position and that she shaved down below. Sarah then asked me to send the cash to Steven Lyle, Country: USA, State: North Carolina, City: Asheboro, Zip code: 27203. I played around with her for some time more and then blocked her at Hangouts. Within minutes of me blocking her I received a hangouts message from one Oba Loluwa who I have never heard of in my life, lovely Nigerian male name however. Mr Oba soon changed his mind and retracted the invite. I was able to copy his invite before he did this however. It was definitely our scammer. Very soon after this I received yet another Hangouts invite from a Kathleen Isabela, again someone I have never heard of. She asked for my details and I sent her my stock intro. She then admitted that she was in fact Sarah Thomas and asked me why I had blocked her, I told her it was because she wouldn?t take intimate pics for the man she loved, lol. She asked me to unblock her at her old hangouts and she would send me the photos that I wanted. I did this and Sarah then kindly sent me three delightful vagina photos that she said she had taken for me. One of the photos came up in the porn pages and the petite little pussy belonged to a girl named Natasha White, I did not look into the other two photos or make any more enquiries about Natasha White.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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