Scam report about Madeline Mcbride

First name:  Madeline
Last name:  Mcbride
Age:  July 27, 1985
Location:  Manhattan, NY
Address:  10022
Phone:  (718) 255-8891
On websites:  eharmony, Facebook, Google Hangouts, Twitter, Yelp
Report:  She initiated contact to me in eharmony by sending me a smile first then a message. We corresponded with each other for about 6 weeks from May 18, 2018 to April 27, 2018. At first I didn't notice anything wrong as all her pictures were unique (from her profiles or the ones she sent me via google hangouts) and she had a consistent social presence, we spoke on the phone twice (she said she was not comfortable talking on the phone, said she is kind of shy) and did Skype twice (though she never used a mic as she said she didn't have a working one, so we typed in Skype to each other). Since she wanted to do a video chat, it lowered my guard. However as I continue my research to validate who she is, small things started to pop up. 1. No one ever answered her work number (it was her company) 2. Her company number always just rang and didn't go to any voice mail. 3. Then she asked to buy lingerie for her through her friend's shop as she and I started getting more comfortable with each other. The price was $200US. I was a little suspicious about it, however I asked can I pay online however her friend had no online shop for me to do the transaction and asked for me to buy ITunes gift cards instead or Paypal to do the transaction. Had a strong discussion about this, she made me feel guilty about how to pay as I questioned it. I relented and eventually used Paypal to pay for the transaction. All seemed to continue going well for another 3 weeks or so, she fell in love with me, talked about how she feels we are soulmates, was very loving, wrote me poems, talked about marriage and our future together. Then she said she is coming to visit me after she needs to deal with a large stock transaction in Berlin, Germany and then she will come to my city. Talked about once receiving this large sum of money that she wants to solidify our future together by buying properties for out future. Then the larger scam hits. She asked me for help and support, I asked for what. She said she needs help in paying for the admin fees for this transaction. The stock sale was going to be $13.5M and requires 0.7% paid in admin fees and she needed help for the shortfall for it, which was $8500US. She sent me a photo of the stock certificate. I had trouble finding info on it.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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