Scam report about Christy Saam

First name:  Christy
Last name:  Saam
Age:  41
Location:  Ruckersville USA
Address:  130 e daffodil road
Report:  Good morning babe, Thanks so much honey for the lovely emails you sent to me. My night was cool and very lonely as i really missed you all night dear and all i could do was think about you and i together, i most say that i can't wait to see you fill up virtually all the holes in my body and make me desire for, I had a hectic day at work yesterday and i just came back to my hotel room from the shipping company in charge of shipping my gem stones to the jewelry company that made a request for them in Germany and i have been thinking and crying so hard about the whole mess that happened today.Honey i am having a little trouble with my business here and it really frustrating me so much that i just want to share my worries with you as it giving me a sleepless night. I'm through with the payment of all the necessary bills including my hotel and car rental bill so that i can start getting ready to coming home to you this weekend as soon as my gem stones as been shipped to the jewelry company that made an order for them in the Germany but only to get a notice of increase from the shipping company on getting there today after the payment of a total sum of 22,000 Euro which is the normal shipping fee. I was notified that there has been a slight increased in the shipping fee due to value added tax (VAT) and the new shipping fee has been increased to 23,100Euro but i have spent all the money on me paying for my hotel and car rental and am left with nothing right now and if i don't get this gem stones delivered to the company as promised, i won't get paid as they have promised to send me a cheque with the next 48 hours of receiving the gem stones but the shipping company said they won't ship the stones until the shipping fee has be paid in full and i don't have anybody i can run to for fast assistance right now. Honey i will be very glad if you can borrow me the remaining 1,100Euro or anything you can help me with for the shipment of my stones and i promise to pay you back as soon as i get my pay cheque from the company and even with an interest my love.Please darling you are my only hope i have right now. Please help me so that i won't have any delay and i don't want to miss my flight home. I love you so much and i hope to read from you as soon as possible. PS: I have attached a copy of the notice of increment and the receipt of payment for you honey.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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