First name: FAUSTINA
Aka: Lovely Girl
Age: 30
Location: Ghana
Report:     I was contacted by her on Skype. She was very loving and portrayed a love for me. This went on for days. she kept saying how hard it was to live in Ghana. She sent me pictures that she said were her. I had a feeling that they weren't her at all. We chatted video but she said her mic didn't work. The whole time we were on video she was moving her lips as though she was having a conversation, but I could tell it was just that. She was obviously not talking to me. After a few of these I could tell they where just video files. They were repeated files. when I confronted how she was to come to America to meet me she went on a rant that if I really loved her I would help support her over there. When I said I couldn't till I met her in the flesh she got really mad. Now she isn't talking to me.
Status of report: is still without proof