SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Marina Perednenko

First name: Marina
Last name: Perednenko
Aka: Marina zakutnyaya
Age: 29
Location: Kiev
On websites: Anastasia date , russian brides
Report:     Been talking to her for two years , claimed love for me .. lol. I knew there was a problem but believed her excuses as she works as a model in kiev and claimed that I couldn?t visit as it was not safe for her .. bullshit excuse. Sent flowers gifts to her son .. claimed that her husband left her and that she had only one man sexually.. I asked if she could come to me in Australia but says soon every time .. always some excuse why she had to delay ..I kept on asking for a selfie every time we were talking at night she gave some fucking bullshit excuse like I?m too shy or maybe later .. anyway 50,000 dollars later I find her on here from another guy who has been going through the same stuff .. every holiday the same as what the piece of human excrement told me ..
Status of report: is still without proof