Scam report about veronica bastrakova bastrakova

First name:  veronica bastrakova
Last name:  bastrakova
Age:  30
Location:  russia saratov
On websites:  work computer
Report:  i found veronica bastrakova photo on your site i receive letters from here on daily basses she told me her name was kseniya koroptova from sarotov oblast russia so i responded been righting ever sense she said she loved me wanting to come here to the united states wrong she claimed she didn't have any money for plane tickets she wanted 985 dollars so i gave it to her . now she wants 2700 dollars 90 dollars a day she says embassy told her she had to have to financially to take car of here self . all photos on all sites are of her i have at least 25 photos of her calming to be kseniya koropotova i deposited 1000 dollars in swiss bank account with kseniyas bank number she got my money she's not coming here she's a scam she should be arrested . I'm upset different name different photos you need to stop her i don know who' she is working with on this randy

Status of report:  is still without proof

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