Scam report about Tyler 

First name:  Tyler
Age:  51
Location:  Edwardsville
On websites:  Mate1
Report:  Tyler came across as a genuine person at first, then the next day she unloaded on me that her financial situation was rock bottom. She claimed that she divorced her drug addicted husband 3 years ago after continued beatings from her husband and just left him with her only son Brad. She was at first living with her uncle 40 blocks away from Edwardsville, IL USA. This was the first sign that she was a scammer, she said that her son's tuition was way past due and that she had no job for the last three years. This second sign she was a scammer, as no one in Illinois, especially a woman with a child goes homeless for three years! Not to be slamming the state of Illinois, but this is a true welfare state! She also claimed that her husband died from a drug overdose shortly after her divorce. I tried to tell her that maybe her son should go to a public school instead of a private school and she told me that Edwardsville has no public schools, lie #3, as Edwardsville has a very good school system! When I tried to tell her that if her husband worked during his lifetime, that he and his employer's would have paid into social security and that she was entitled to his social security and her son Brad would also be entitled to social security, retroactive from when he died 3 years ago to now which would come to be about $68,450.00. She said that this would be too hard for her to do and that this money belonged to her ex-husband! Bullshit!! She said that her ex-husband had changed his name several times after the divorce and I tried to tell her that this didn't matter because the social security would have gone under his original name before he would have changed his name, no matter how many times he changed his name even if he did this which I highly doubt he even did this! I had offered to sell my jetski and give her the $1500.00 but this meant we would have to meet so that I could hand her the money and then she went into this big deal about her meeting me much too early in the relationship and that I just needed to send her the money to her uncles address yet she lived in an apartment? Why would you want a cashiers check to be sent through the US mail to your uncle's house if you have your own mailing address. After she had insulted me three times about my character and being self-centered and forcing her to take her son out of school just to meet her in person none of which I did say, I called her out as being just a scammer and she through this into my face that yesterday I said I loved her and now I was abandoning her in her time of need! Bullshit again! Stay away from her!

Status of report:  is still without proof

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