Scam report about Natalia Yuryevna Nikifora

First name:  Natalia
Last name:  Yuryevna Nikifora
Aka:  Natasha
Age:  30
Location:  Jekaterinburg, Russia
Address:  Lenina Prospekt 58
Report:  Natalia contacted me on the usual way by a Japanese server. But she didn?t use prefabricated mail-elements such as normally used by scammers. She answered and reacted to each of my questions or remarks. I was astonished and started to believe in her. She did not really do or say something wrong and reacted tough, when I said something that she didn't like. She wanted to visit me in her vacation, but needed some 650 ?, as a loan for a few days. All ok, but? There were just little incoherencies in her communications such as a difference between the communicated name of her birth-village and the indicated name of it on a satellite google photo of it. She didn?t want to send me a scan of her passport (danger of fraud by taking a loan on her?). She sent me a bill of her (pretended) travel agency in Jekaterinburg ? in Euro (!) and without any address of the travel agency or of herself. Finally she communicated her bank account data to me, with a BIC-code from Moscow. But she pretended to live in Jekaterinburg, where another BIC is used. I asked her about this incongruence, she reacted nerved on it and said, that her bank gave her these details. She?s easily upset and emotional and by that way convincing. Finally she threatened me with her suicide, because I?m a heartless guy and I just played with her feelings (when I don?t send her some money).

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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