Scam report about Cole Alexandra Mae

First name:  Cole Alexandra
Last name:  Mae
Age:  37
Location:  Fort Smith Arkansas
On websites:  Facebook
Report:  She sent me a friend request and I allowed her to be friends. She hit me up on messenger after she was allowed. We chatted a few days off and on. Then she ask me if I was interest in her coming to join me. I said I thought I might be. So we discussed it in details over the next few days. She ask me to help her pay her bills and take care of her mom bills once we was together. I said okay then we started planning on her coming her by bus because it was the cheapest. After we checked on the price she said she would pay her half if I paid mine. I agreed to that. Then she told me her check was not here and it would be here after she had moved her and then we would have that money. So I told her okay. Then I ask her for her information and her phone number and everything and she said her phone was broken and she would buy one when she got her. Then I said what about your information she said it was to far to go to a western union. But her friend would pay her cash if I sent her iTunes gift cards to pay for the ticket. So I sent her 200.0 in iTunes cards and then it went south from there. It was asking for money for baggage fees and taxes and transfer charges as well food and cab fair to the station all total of over 2000.00$. So after I told her I was not rich and on a fixed income the blasting and shaming came only it got so bad that she told me if I could not provide for her now that she is traveling to me that I could not provide for her when she was here with me. Then the total went up again 500.00$ for a total of 2500.00$ so I told her that was it. And blocked her and now reported her so no one else will be hurt. Oh yes I will say she uses this name and sends pictures of a another name as well.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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