Scam report about Lutfiya Mashatova

First name:  Lutfiya
Last name:  Mashatova
Age:  Unkown
Location:  Azerbaijan
On websites:  Unkown
Report:  I received two introductory emails a day apart from this person with different photos. Claim to be a Muslim living in Azerbaijan but does not follow the Islamic restrictions. Write weird letters never capitalizing the first word. Felt all along intentions to scam Finally got a hit on a photo the close up of a big smile on another scammers site. Same letters written as I received a day or so ahead of the dates written to me. Thought it best to report this idiot now as most likely writing other men Will try to milk more information from them. Has not told me her last name bit the one I reported is in the header of the emails one picture sent makes me think the female in the photos is a lesbian

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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