SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Naemi Schneider

First name: Naemi
Last name: Schneider
Age: 32
Location: Dortmund Germany
Address: Rubbert Weg 2
Phone: +49152151765518
Report:     met this person on a dating site friends at first,it then got to a stage where she said she wanted to join me as she was a midwife soi asked for proof she showed me a full passport with a photograph hich i assumed was her , we arranged to meet a few weeks later as she had to get leave as she was a midwife she got leave then told me she was moving all her accounts to the uk i said sounds feasible ,she then turned round and said she had transferred all her funds to the uk could i send her ?300 by western union i did it cost me 324.90 to send it . the person who collected it was a person called PORTIA ABENA ESSEL so i waited on word of her flight details and never came 2hrs later recieved photos she was involved ina hit run by a drunk driver and was in need of some ?300 for her treatment so i sent it again it cost me 324.90 she said thanks and she was getting discharged from hospital nd flying that day no show then she kept bombarding me with obscene messages demanding more money ,this person is impersonating a very famous Swedish Person in Sweden Elin Hankinson and she must be stopped i have all the photo she has been using and they are of ELIN HANKINSON
Status of report: is still without proof