First name: Evelyn
Last name: Nuamah
Aka: Betsy Adams
Age: 32
Location: Quebec Canada, Ghana Africa
On websites: Hangouts, Instagram
Report:     This girl is obviously working a pretty large scam with many different men as she proceeds to tell the sad sob story about her parents both dying in a tragic car accident in Quebec Canada and then her having to go to South Africa to live with her grandmother who would then take care of her while she went to college to be a nurse although that story about her on the right path to becoming a nurse would only be ip for discussion that one time as she would always give the excuse that she is trying to find her place in the world she'll say she wants help getting back to the states or wherever she says the place is she's trying to get to she just needs help getting the passport the Visa the flight tickets etcetera at which point all the sudden before you know it she's got you sending Western Union to her twice a week and thousands of dollars are being sent and nothing's coming together with a plan in regards to her arrival it's one big scam and she's gotten a couple of my friends already as well. She's targeting older men because she knows that they don't really know much about internet scams and are vulnerable to believing that this type of stuff is possible and likely to be the truth when in and likely to be the truth when in reality it's just a scam.
Status of report: is still without proof