First name: Elena
Last name: Shustova
Aka: Lena Shustova, Len Lena
Age: 30
Location: Kharkov, Ukraine
Email: Has changed to new email.
On websites: Anastasia, (ID # 1737451),
Report:     First met on, came to Ukraine to meet on her claims of wanting love etc. Correspondence continued for quite a long time until I discovered she had a long time boyfriend. Dates were never at night only during the day. Insisted on the most expensive restaurants and always shopping for expensive items. First money request was after I offered to purchase her a gift through Anastasia Date site but she stated I should send her the cash instead as the site makes too much money off the gifts and she could get what she wanted. This women is only after a good time at your expense in the form of meals, expensive gifts and money to help her flat and expenses. Many times money sent by Western Union, totaling over $8000.
Status of report: is still without proof