First name: Shirley Ann
Age: 39
Location: United Kingdom Bristol and London
On websites:
Report:     Takes contact via She is a scammer and tries to focus at your empathy. Claiming she was raped at 11 by the latin Gardner. And she was forced to leave her mom at 7 since her dad is a rich land lord both in UK and south Africa. Married to a Chinese woman, lost everything by scam to here family. Shirley claim do to here rape here, she was not able to get a pregnancy. Her husband betrayed here with here best friend. Married now to here best friend, living in the house next to here, and being hostile. here laptop is bad, and that?s why she gets a poor camera and internet connection. Claim she has no phone, and not possibility to go to a place where they have wireless internet connection. Says she want to sell here property in Bristol UK, and in Gahna, but she needs money to by a new Laptop, and for deposit
Status of report: is still without proof