Scam report about Anna Johnson

First name:  Anna
Last name:  Johnson
Age:  50?s
Location:  Capetown . South Africa
Phone:  +27710309662
On websites:  Tim Hop
Report:  Contacted me on TimHop dating site. Her profile said she was in USA. Claimed did not know How mistake was made. But lives in Cape Town. Asked for my email address. Sent me a long letters. Employed as a Nurse. Wanted to come to Australia after only a week. But due to having paid for Daughters flat and expenses etc. wanted me to buy ticket. I played along to see how far she would go. Within a few days I was contacted supposedly by a Travel Agent (Trek Tours) with a request for approx $1800. Said they could include her in a tour group. Which would streamline visa. Flight was in a weeks time. Travel Agent Letter head and web site looked genuine. But identical except for the name as another Travel Agent. I could not find them as a registered Travel Agent in South Africa. Very elaborate details though. Feel that scam involves a employer of a travel agency. From first contact to supposedly arriving in Australia was over a period of only two weeks.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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