Scam report about Evgeniya Kova

First name:  Evgeniya
Last name:  Kova
Age:  29(30)
Location:  ,Russia, Sharya
Address:  Russia, 157501, Sharya
Phone:  6125783428
On websites:  Unknown
Report:  I was first contacted by subject in late june, quick escalation of said feelings daily by this 29 year old attractive woman set the first flag, I stated i was 48, broke & would not help her with financing a trip to meet. Yet 3 days ago, stillshe responds implying that i should send money, or somehow help with these expenses. Its not my first rodeo with a scammer. I will NOT BE TAKEN EVER AGAIN !! $310.00 was enough to learn my lesson; I only hopeothers heed warning. NO 29 yr old gorgeous woman would possibly find interest in a balding, toothless, wrinkled old man of 48! UNLESS, hes got a horse cock or own a small country!! -think about this.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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