First name: Betty
Last name: Adams
Age: 34
Location: Gahana
On websites: Unknown
Report:     I can?t remember what dating site I met her on but I have sent her money several times. She says she wants to come be my wife, but she has to get her visa fixed. So I sent her money to do that, then it was money for her grandma to get glasses, then money for plane ticket to come out here, but she still hasn?t come. My friends say she isn?t real, that I?m being scammed. One friend has looked online to see what he could find. He showed me posts from other guys that have been scammed. The stories sound like mine. Pretty girl, going to school to be a nurse, lives with grandmother in Ghana but is from somewhere else ( mine is from Canada ) says her parents died when she was young, etc... I don?t want anyone else to get scammed by her. She goes by Betty Adams. And here are the pictures she had sent me.
Status of report: is still without proof