Scam report about Marina Zakutnyaya

First name:  Marina
Last name:  Zakutnyaya
Aka:  Marina Perednenko
Age:  30
Location:  Kiev, Ukraine
On websites:  AnastasiaDate
Report:  I made contact with Marina (ID: 1792744) in August 2017. She is also known as Marina Zakutnyaya and has an Instagram site @marinazakutnyaya. She has had to change her name from Marina Perednenko presumably because of problems that have occurred as a result of people getting upset with her activities. If you have had any problem with being misled by this profile or person then send me the details to I have started to pull together a social media campaign that lists information from people who have had bad experiences with Marina Zakutnyaya. I will not include your personal information. Just send me the facts of what happened. I maintained contact from August 2017 until July 2018. I have done some research into the site where the profile is located. This has indicated that the site employs people to undertake chat with paying clients who think they are talking to the person in the profile. They call them ?translators? but they are simply pretending to be the people on the profiles. It is a way to mislead a client into thinking they are talking to the person and to pay more money for the chat. This would make sense to me as there were times when I was pretty sure I was talking to a man, or the contact 'forgot' previous conversations. The profile also sent daily letters that were never personalised in any way. This meant that they never related to anything we talked about in chat or any information that I sent in letters. Given these warning signs, you are probably asking why I was so stupid to continue to keep in contact? And the answer is blind arrogance and the belief that I was something special to her. Pretty foolish in hindsight but that is something I have to live with. She encouraged me to travel to Ukraine saying on many occasions that she wanted to meet me. I confirmed with her many times before travelling that she definitely wanted to meet with me and she confirmed that we would meet. On doing further research into the background of this person I have identified that she has a history of multiple online dating relationships where she has misled people. I have been able to identify four so far indicating clearly that this person is a serial offender and should be stopped. I made travel arrangements and when I arrived in Ukraine she was very elusive when it came to making any arrangement to meet and she insisted that we maintain contact through chat on the site. Even when I made an arrangement with her she did not show up. She advised me that she had been working on that day even though it was a national public holiday and very unlikely that she would be working. But she had not advised me of this even though we had talked the day before She insisted on only communicating through AnastasiaDate. I was in Kyiv where she lives. I was still getting the daily letters and opened one. It had nothing to do with me or my being in Kiev. Clearly, the letters were just part of the ongoing arrangement for the profile to make money. I now realise that I have been scammed. She obviously feels she is able to do this with impunity. Anyway, I complained to the site and they advised me that nobody else had ever complained about her previously. Now, this surprised me as I have already identified online reports in scam sites from three others who are upset by being misled by this profile. If anybody else has been affected by this woman then they should report it as well. It is crazy that somebody can continue to behave this way for years and keep getting away with it. Obviously, AnastasiaDate does not care if the women on their site are genuine or sincere but if they get multiple reports it might force them to change the arrangements at least with this profile. The site initially just rejected my complaint as the contact had not broken their rules. I said I had organised a meeting and that she had not turned up and wanted my money back. And they said they were looking into it further. Given my research into the business and how they operate I do not believe that I will be successful. It seems from the information I have seen that they are involved in this activity. I have decided to see if I can find others who have had a bad encounter with this profile. I want to make a concerted effort to prevent her from being able to continue having her profile on the site. And to ensure that nobody else gets caught by this misleading and deceptive conduct. Based on the information I have seen the site is not genuinely interested in protecting clients from this conduct and is supporting deceptive conduct. So I hope that somebody reading this will not make the same foolish and arrogant mistake I made and believe that somehow they are special and that all this will not affect them. Accept that this is an area of unscrupulous activity and that it is simply a way to extract your money from you without even giving you the result of a meeting. Maybe by simply organising phone contacts and forcing the meeting early in the relationship, you can find out if they are genuine. And if it is not genuine then you have saved yourself a lot of money and potential heartache.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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