Scam report about Olga 

First name:  Olga
Aka:  Started withOlgushoka then Olenka then changed it to Olga
Age:  32 Date of birth 27/08/1986
Location:  Surgut in Russia
Phone:  79093567580
Email: Olga.1985 [
Report:  Olga email me on June 28th hoping to start a romance with me I noticed that there are 2 different email addresses, This of course rose my suspicion and I played along until she wanted to come and live in London with me and marry me so that we can live happily after!!! she was fed up in Russia. So she made plans to leave Russia and travel to me. I knew that the demand for money will come so I said that I will fly to Surgut first to get to know her and then take her back to London with me. She did not like that and stopped writing to me. She obviously is a typical scammer who has only one interest

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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