Scam report about Abiba Hamza

First name:  Abiba
Last name:  Hamza
Age:  Approx 35
Location:  Dallas, Texas
On websites:  Mate1, Google Hangouts
Report:  I got a text message from this scammer on Google Hangouts. She stated that she was in Dallas, Texas and told me she was an American citizen and grew up in the states. Her use of the English language was very poor and it was oblivious that it was not her native language. Her grammar and wording was so poor at times I even had difficulty figuring out what she was trying to say. She insisted she didn't want money but wanted me to send her iTunes cards. She promised she'd come visit me as soon as I sent her the cards. She sent me pictures without my having to ask that were meant to entice me. You'll be able to recognize her easily with the large number of tattoos she had, I'm sure they were stolen

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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