First name: Irina
Age: 28
Location: Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
On websites:
Report:     Hello Glenn! Age?? I'm looking for a man who is older than me, so I'm comfortable with the age difference between us. I believe that you are reliable, wise, you know how to respect and appreciate women, and this only comes with age. Men of my age do not interest me. I think that we need to start communication, and then we will see how our relations will develop. I'll continue. When I see your email, I become happier. You know I am smiling now. Thanks a lot for your reply. It is so nice that you find time to read my emails and write me back. To be honest I was thinking a lot about my previous email that I wrote you. May be it was too early to open my soul. I worried what you thought about me after that email. I was afraid that you would not answer. I tried not to think about this and started reading a book. But I could not concentrate on the book, all my thoughts were about our communication and acquaintance. When I woke up, I realized that I didn?t remember what the book was about. )) I was still thinking whether you reply or not. All the bad thoughts seemed to have disappeared from my mind. Now I see your email and this makes me happy and makes me smile. Thank you once again for your email. Glenn, today I want to tell you about my job. I want you know me better and how I live here in Nizhny Novgorod. What to begin with? So, right now I am at work. I just have a break. Therefore, I decided to answer you. By the way, all my emails I write you from my work because only here I have an opportunity to use the Internet. I work as a sales consultant in a women's clothing store. I'm a teacher by education, but I had to find a job in another sphere. The paradox is that it is rather difficult to find a job by education and teachers job is low-paid. This is very sad but a true. I would love to be a teacher. I hope that one day this job will be in demand and well paid. So that my dream comes true. However, may be not in Russia. I ? really want to teach young ? people. I want to share my experience with them, instill in them the right moral values: honesty, justice, sincerity. I want to teach young people to appreciate the main qualities in life like love, care, and goodness. Unfortunately, in the modern world people forget about these simple things. Glenn, let?s turn back to my job. I am a sales consultant in the clothing store. Our store name is ?O'stin? This is the chain stores. We have stores all around the country. My working day is long. I start at 9 am and finish at 9 pm. I have a 1-hour lunch break. But this is only if we have not many customers. Sometimes we have so many customers that I even ? don?t ? have an opportunity to eat on time. But I like my job, it is very interesting. I love to talk to people and to help them find clothes that suit them. Our store is far from my home. I go to work by trolleybus. After ? work I go home on foot, you remember I?ve told you that I love to walk. At morning it takes 40 minutes to get to work. It takes me 1 hour 20 minutes to walk home but I love my way home. After a busy day, the walk makes me relax. The fresh air makes my thoughts bright and clean. I also enjoy our city. It is very beautiful. With my next email I will sure send you some pictures of my city and tell you more about it. If you?d like of course. Just let me know. When I walk, I?m looking at people who hurry up and do not notice the beauty around them. They are too busy. They are in the hectic of their everyday life. As for me, there is no need to hurry home, I have time to admire, relax and enjoy my time. Nobody waits me at home. But I truly believe that everything will change soon. I believe that love and happy future finally come to me. I believe that I will find a man whom I can give my love, care and tenderness. Glenn, do you find my emails interesting? I hope so. I close my eyes and imagine how you read them. You have a kind smile, and you read my emails carefully. Sometimes reread them. Am I right? )) Let?s turn back to my daily routine. After work and on the weekend I go to the gym. I am convinced that a girl should be slim and beautiful. I love yoga. Practicing yoga gives me peace of mind and good thoughts. I will tell you just some more things about me and return to work. In my spare time I meet with friends. We can go to cafes, cinema or theater. In summer we go to the lake. (1) In winter we skate. I try to diversify my life as much as possible so that it will not be boring. Ohh, I forgot to mention that I love horses. If I have a chance, I go to a stable, which is not far from the city. I take care of the horses there and ride. I love this so much! I want to meet a man who I can have fun with. The man I can spend the time interesting. That would be wonderful! I forgot to write that on ? weekends I visit my parents. They live in a village far from the city. I will write about ? them in my next email. Please don?t hesitate to write me about everything happened with you. I'm curious to know everything ? about your life. Glenn look, my email is too long again. I passionately wanted to tell you about everything so that time just got away)) ? But it's time to work. I will wait for your next email. Take care ! Irina .
Status of report: is still without proof