Scam report about Ira 

First name:  Ira
Aka:  Irene, Irina
Age:  33
Location:  Izium Ukraine
On websites:
Report:  Initial contact was made directly to my email address asking why I had not replied which in fact I had no memory of any contact with this person from the Mingle2 site to begin with. I wrote back asking for confirmation who they and what they username was, I received a reply which answered my questions but with statement saying they no longer had their profile on site and included photos which at that point did not raise suspicion. Two or three emails were passed back and forth and suspicion was raised when I received a photograph that looked very much like from a Product Photo Shoot as well as well as photos where she started to describe her Family members which did not fit the descriptions or ages she had told me in previous emails. I then decided to do an full Reverse Image Search and found that the photos being sent belong to Russian Actress Natalya Rudova and were taken from her Instagram profile. End of Communication, Her Email Address is now blocked from my Server.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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