Scam report about Kimberly McCall

First name:  Kimberly
Last name:  McCall
Age:  27
Location:  Philadelphia, PA. USA
Phone:  318-667-0477
On websites:  Mate1, Whatsapp
Report:  She saw my profile on Mate1 and messaged me on Whatsapp. She a very pretty, sexy woman that said her husband had been killed in a plane crash a couple of years ago. She said she w as looking for someone that she could trust and depend on to be with her because she hated being alone and men had been mean to her. She said she was Philadephia but her telephone has a Louisana area code, made me somewhat suspicious. We talked for a while and she started proclaiming her love for me and sent me some nude pictures, she wanted to come visit me but wanted me to send her gasoline money. She said she had been laid off from her job but Whatsapp says her account is associated with a business call Kim's usual too many inconsistencies in her stories and I'm sure she's a scammer. She looks like she's middle eastern and lacks the English skills taught in high school in the US.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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