Scam report about Tina Evans

First name:  Tina
Last name:  Evans
Age:  33
Location:  USA. Columbus, Ohio
Address:  6288 Marion Drive, N. Apartment B. Columbus, OH
Phone:  724-471-6248
Email:  Unknown
On websites:  Mate1, Google HangoutsTina
Report:  Tina contacted me after seeing my profile and started up a conservation. She said she was 33 years old and lived with her uncle and grandmother. She worked as a baby sitter and her and her uncle took care of her sick grandmother. She told me she was born and raised in Lafayette, Indiana. Her ex was killed in am accident 2 years ago She was looking for someone for a relationship leading to marriage. However I keep seeing on Hangouts that she was on there a lot inbetween times of our talking. She tried to make all kinds of silly excuses and finally wanted to talk by texting on the phone. She to,d me she had a 2000 Nisson Celcia and wanted to drive to visit me but needed gas money. Wanted me to send her $200 for the trip. I told her it would take less than $35 worth of gas for her to come. Her answer was that her car used a lot of As always it became pretty apparent that she was just looking for money. She eventually got angry about me not sending money and quit talking.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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