First name: Olga
Last name: Nikolaeva
Age: 22 Oct 1986
Location: Bobylsk Russia
Report:     I don?t know why but I was a bit uncomfortable with her from the beginning. She was very greedy on her photos and send me several times the same. Anyway at a given moment I invited her to come to my place,she was very entousiastic and neglected my proposal to buy her tickets. She told me she was going to a travel agency and everything would be fine. She let me know when and withwhich plane she was going to come and that she soon would have her passport and that she was going to send me a copy. The copy came along with the message that she needed to pay an extra 300$ to the agency in order to get her tickets from the agency. I on the fly was alerted and recognised the scamming so I told her that I would not do that unless she first arrived in Brussels. She begged and plated but I hold foot by stuck and let her know that I in the first place was prepared to buy her tickets so I was not against tonsoend this 300$ to the agency provided she first arrived. Then she argued that she personally must give this money to the agency and I told her again what I stated before. In my oppinion this is a clear scamming case. The copy of the passport is of very low resolution so impossible to make sure that it?s a froid but in my oppinion it is!
Status of report: is still without proof