First name: Deraga
Last name: Galy
Age: 27
Location: Brno
Report:     After a few emails she claimed she had to go away on business to buy gold and jewelry (she said she was in business for 2 yrs) and met a Polish man who said she should buy in bulk and get a better price for it, it was to good a deal to miss.Polish man then claimed the jewelry was in fact in Russia so she had to travel to Russia. When trying to leave Russia customs demanded a permit which she did not have and had used up all of her money on the purchase of the jewelry so could i just loan her 30,000 euros for said permit which she will pay back when she returns home. Now if she had been dealing in the sale of gold she would have known these things. I told her politely i didn't have that sum of money oer savings, I haven't heard from her since
Status of report: is still without proof