SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Mariya Trofimova

First name: Mariya
Last name: Trofimova
Age: 39 11/04/1979
Location: Plesetsk Russia
Address: Chapygina 20 Plesetsk
On websites: Ukraine dating
Report:     This female states she works in an orphanage in Plesetsk. And that her sister lives in Finland she stated that she uses the computer at your orphanage to message people. Then she states that she will go on holiday to the UK but stops at the Visa appointment because she needs $70 a day to come over to the UK for two months She will also show you a flight ticket also states that she has been to the UK before she will also state that she tried to board the plane but got stopped by customs because she has a debt on her apartment. She was saying that the bailiffs have sealed the door and you will see a photograph of court papers and a seal across the door she will say that if the debt on her palm is unpaid before she leaves the country then she will be banned from travelling for five years try and convince you she will say that her mother has taken out a loan from the bank to help pay for debt . Then you will receive an email to say that her mother has died and you will not hear from her anymore luckily enough I managed to get hold of the orphanage in Plesetsk and speak to the director of the orphanage who has never met the woman
Status of report: is still without proof