Scam report about Evelyn Matuska

First name:  Evelyn
Last name:  Matuska
Age:  31
Location:  United States Blacksburg, South Carolina
Address:  254 Wendy Drive Blacksburg, SC 29702
Phone:  864-602-2848
On websites:
Report:  I'm a member of the site and one day I got a message from a girl named Evelyn saying that she was interested in getting to know me . Since our few chats went smoothly I gave her my text phone number that's through ding tone first two weeks of chat were normal but she avoided most personal info questions only saying that she was from California and now attending the Citadel on a scholarship from the CA medical board and was now doing her nursing internship there . Then one day she asks me if I had a bank account and if so could I deposit and cash a check for her . That she had a problem and with the pending storm approaching she was nervous and might need to get away . I told her I didn't have a checking account . Her next question was if I had a credit card that had a high limit with enough room to add a few thousand dollars too . I told her yes she asked for a pic of my c/c ect ect..

Status of report:  is still without proof

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