Scam report about Violetta 

First name:  Violetta
Age:  35
Location:  Russia
Report:  I?ve read the words of others that they call these ones ?for commercial? scammers but no commercial here to me..a commercial is an advertisement to buy so legitimate this is a scamming site...fat fucks who sit behind a desk smoking their non Cuban cigars with their fake ass hold pinky ring lazy ass Russian cut throat mob, the ones I enjoy playing with...the one I say ?nit? to as they ask for forgiveness or to be let go! Commercial you get something in return this is simply a scammer business draw people pay for nothing in return! And I thought I would only have a hard time finding ones in other countries for romance scams multi million dollar scams those have been easy to trace these commercial ones move around to much makes my job harder

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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