Scam report about Tatyana (Tanni) Lipovetskaya

First name:  Tatyana (Tanni)
Last name:  Lipovetskaya
Age:  Born 26/07/1982
Location:  Nekrasowkoye or Lukoyanov
Address:  Pushkina 7 Lukoyanov
Phone:  +7?(920)?871-33-89
Report:  She contacted me after I had a question in c-date from SEWWA. It started in July and she wrote very plausible stories about her. She sent a lot of pictures. She is from Russia and I made the proposal to meet her in Russia. She never answered but suddenly in September she had holidays and wanted to come to Germany. She sent the address and phone number but these are fake. So I discovered she is scamming and I wrote this to her. The answer confirmed this as she wrote that I was misusing her confidence and stopped the mails

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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