SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Nina ( Marina) Yamchikova

First name: Nina ( Marina)
Last name: Yamchikova
Age: 38
Location: Russia chelyabinsk
Phone: +7937932-30-49
On websites: Match
Report:     Marina contact me in February at the dating site Match and wanted my mail to send some foto of her. I gave it to her and we talked for about a month before she wanted to wisit me. She told me because the economy in Russia she had 3 months of holiday and wanted to spend them with me. She visited a travel agency and when they told her the cost for the tickets she cried and asked me if i could pay. She was so nice and wanted to meet me so after a few days i agreed to send money. About 850 eur. I checked and that's about what it costs.Everything seemed good and she would visit the travel agency for help with visa and passport and pay for the tickets. Then she found out that Sweden requires that she need 45 eur per day to live off. She did not have them and she asked for help again, 1550 eur. I offered an invitation from me as Sweden accepts where I stand for all costs but she persuaded me again. I was so close to meet her so I sent them too.On March 27th, I was on my way to Stockholm to pick her up at the airport, I came to Stockholm and she had come to Moscow and when she got to the plane she was stopped, the reason was that she had bank loans and had to pay before she could leave the country.I thought I had been tricked and confronted her. She stubbornly meant that she knew nothing about those rules. I did not believe her and said I go home. Came about 10 miles when it came several notice message on the phone from the telegram where she declared her innocent. It took less than a week, I fell there again. 3900 eur so she could pay for the loan. Now she would only book for tickets. She never told me what day she could come, I had to ask and that day I could not get her. I asked her to use the money I sent for her to live for and stay at hotels overnight, so I come and pick you up the following day. She said she could not access the money. She never came to Sweden. She went home and blamed everything on me. I have tried to get her to apply for a visa and offered her an invitation but her answer is always no. I have also offered to go to her, yes, you can understand that she does not want to. The only way we meet her is if I pay 4900 eur for tickets and money that Sweden requires for living. She tried to get more, even threatened to kill herself because I destroyed her life. On September 23, 2018, I sent the last mail. Today, September 27th when I visited dating page Match, she was there and called her self for Therese 38 from Stockholm. At firs she called her self for Marina but on here bank the name was Nina I hope you can help others and stop her from tricking guys who just want love Richard
Status of report: is still without proof