Scam report about Joselyn Cano

First name:  Joselyn
Last name:  Cano
Age:  30
Location:  Sacramento, California, USA
Report:  Report A new line in scanning or fraud working Tender Dating Site, for me it is anyway. I received a hangouts message from a lady called Joselyn Cano who told me that she had found my hangouts address at Tender. She told me that she was rich and lived in a mansion, also she has three cars and many more whatever that means. She boasted about her wealth and asked me if I wanted $5000.00, very sweet of her I thought. She then asked me if I had Visa! Joselyn Cano actually exists and from the amount of modeling photos of her on the net (ten pages at Google) I imagine that she is rich. This means to me that either Joselyn has attained some serious brain damage and is giving her fortune away or someone is using her pics to attain the credit card numbers of potential victim, I?m rooting for the second option, lol.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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