SCAM REPORT ABOUT  tatiana olegovna

First name: tatiana
Last name: olegovna
Aka: nikonova
Age: 34
Location: russia penza
Address: belyaeva ulice 39 apt.48
Phone: 7 9613360749
Report:     we have been in contact for about 2 years .we exchanged email had phone conversations even had video chats several times she even send me photos of herself so i know its her about a year ago she said that she wants to cdome and persue her nursing profession here in the czech republic stating that as a nurse she only makes 20.000.00 rubles a month just to get by .well she needed money for a new passport money for showing russian imigration that she has enough for 3 months stay here in the czech republic a shengen tourist visa pay off her taxes sell her apartment in penza and more .i send her a total of 102.400.00czech crowns and haven heard from her in almost a month
Status of report: is still without proof