First name: Hagar
Last name: Osei
Aka: Linda Bonsu
Age: 34
Location: Elmina Ghana
On websites: skype
Report:     Hagar Osei promised to come to the Uk on two occasions to live with me . We had met on skype in November 2017. She pretended that her mother was ill and died. She demanded money from me to pay for a funeral She told me the money i sent her had been stolen for a visa and flight so i agreed to send it again . Every time she told me she would book a flight and was coming , she demanded some thins else. She was due to come to the Uk at the beginning of October . All the documents she sent me by skype were false , the visa , thew passport and the flight tickets. Sher also goes by the name of Linda Bonsu. Her accomplice is Paul Jameson in Accra who runs a false travel agency called Virgin Island tours> i suspect that Hagar Osei who claimed to be half slovakian and half ghanaian accomplices in Slovakia. Do not speak to Linda Bonsu under any circumstances
Status of report: is still without proof