Scam report about Katunya 

First name:  Katunya
Aka:  Ekaterinok
Age:  31
Location:  Russia
On websites:  Unknown
Report:  Sorry about the blurred pic of this one or this used of pic one...I see it as they use photo so much it?s getting distorted as they are...distorted fuck up in low life bush bunny I?m not racist, the white women/me are WHITE TRASH and needs to be dumped like the rest of our trash dumped in a place where these varmints can feed off each other! Little story to entertain you with... government get an island (many uninhabited out there) drop these fucks out there drugs food guns knives whatever it takes then let them go at being the best and fitted survive then when the last one living wants to escape the island it will only take one shot this saves money on amunation, 25 cents a shot is cheaper then housing them in jail place only your loyal pet deserves the use of a 25 cent bullet when you put your pet down..that humanin these people are far worst then a rabbit dog!!

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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