Scam report about Chantal Dupont

First name:  Chantal
Last name:  Dupont
Age:  38
Location:  Ivory coast/abijan
Address:  marcony zone 4 bietry
Phone:  +22542301382
On websites:  Canada, Belgium, France
Report:  names use ;Angeline Dauphine,Mariana Mariedet,Cecile moreau ,Sandra Daphney,Sandra Beline,Vanessa Venara,Cecile Peyret,Audemarie Berthe,Elizabeth Manizan too many to mention .She approached me on a dating site as Isaline Cadene .1st she said she lived in France and then she is living in the Ivory coast.2nd she told me she was married and her husband died .3rd she uses a little black girl as her daughter, she said her husband was black.she ask for money for her daughter's birthday gift i said no,then for food I said no,then to pay the rent I said no ,then for the kids school registration I said no. she talk to me in Spanish but I think she was using translation software she did speak French , she speaks English .we talked on Skype finally she wanted to go on the webcam but I refused I knew were this was leading . I blocked Skype and I send her 1 last email telling her what I thought of her using a kid !

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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