Scam report about Archean Pomaa Kinder

First name:  Archean Pomaa
Last name:  Kinder
Aka:  Linda Ameyaa Yeboah; Lawrencia Kyeraa Amanawaa
Age:  unknown
Location:  Ghana Acca
On websites:  google hangouts
Report:  This woman(?) has been in contact with my father for a few months. During this time she has asked for money in varied amounts all to help with visa paperwork - to get various reports to have a visa stamp?. Also at times money for taxi, airport stuff, etc. My father contacted me to help him send her some money as it was the last amount she should need to get all finalized. After sending the money, there was, of course, another reason she did not get everything in order. Asking for more money in a few days. Has continued to come up with excuses as to why she cannot seem to get to on the airplane, tickets, etc., etc., My father has sent money for this woman to other names i mentioned above in the alias field. They claimed this was to avoid getting red flagged by western union.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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