Scam report about Alina Uzhuntseva

First name:  Alina
Last name:  Uzhuntseva
Aka:  Allka
Age:  24
Location:  Russia, Aksenowo
Address:  Kirowa st. 19, apt. 2, post code(zip)-634570
On websites:  Just email
Report:  Jon hiii!!zzzz) Today I will write you a little about me and about my goals... My real name is Alina but all around calls me Allka :) I'm sending you some of my photos and I hope that you will interested! That's is my usual photos but I really hope that you will like it:) You see that I am not photo model and I never had 1000 men near me! NO! I am working usual seller in the shop here in Russia. Everyone here want just drink beer and vodka and nobody wants care about woman ((. And because of it I do not have any profile on the Internet. I am not registered in the social networks, as I never was interested in it, but I always wanted to find my second half.......... I am 24 years old. I know English well and I am learned how to leave my country and how to find good work in one of civilized country... Here is VERY bad situation because of US sanctions. All the world hates Russia and millions usual people like me suffer because of it. I hope that you know about it. We believed that Donald Tramp will change this but he did not..(( Now all Russians think that soon will be 3d World War because of Syrian Civil War...((( All money Russian president spend for armament of our army when usual people do not have work and much food for their children.. I know that many people wants to leave this f.. place. It is big crisis here. You will never see this by TV but this is truth. Oh sorry that I am writing you about my problems )) Please send me more of your photos. I want to see your different pics.. What do you like to do after work? Do you have some hobby? Today all my friends wants go to the pub today but I do not want to go there because they will drink vodka there. I do not like it... I prepare to my trip . Add me please to your maillist.It will help us do not lose our future mails. !!THNX!!

Status of report:  is still without proof

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