Scam report about Elena Nazarenko

First name:  Elena
Last name:  Nazarenko
Aka:  Elena
Age:  24
Location:  Ucrania, Krasnodon
Phone:  380947121037
On websites:
Report:  Hello my dear Luis, how are you? I'm well. I like our correspondence. It goes smooth and well and we feel comfortable as we have common language, it wouldn't be the same in reality, we might not connect that well because communication is the key to have connection my dear, there are many beautiful faces and bodies but don't you want your woman to understand what you are saying and be able to talk with you using your language?)) I use human translator and pay for it. But, I wish to speak your language so no need of a translator. I would be lucky if I be skilled in learning languages on my own, but I am not and I need a teacher who speaks my language fluently to be able to teach me well, I can try learning for ages on my own and have no progress or attend English classes and take a course at least for 1-2 months and have a very good progress because modern methods let learn fast and well starting from zero to being able to communicate and have conversations, it's a huge progress and I wish for this very much. It was advice from a friend who also took such course and learning Spanish. If you agree with me and care for my opinion about our communication would you consider think about my words? I wouldn't be telling you this and would already start attending lessons to prepare for our meeting and knowing we would feel comfortable when talking same language. I can't afford paying for courses and if you help me out this would be a big relief for me. Can I rely on you? It?s not that big cost, but I am on a low budget. Today I write you during my break and I drink coffee because I feel sleepy. How many hours in a day do you need for sleep? I sleep either 7 or 8 hours and it works well for me, if to sleep more I will feel like a zombie, if sleep less I be same energetic, but very tired by the end of the day, so I try my best to keep in this range of 7- 8 hours of healthy sleep. Understanding of healthy way of life comes in my age, when I was a teenager or young girl I wasn't thinking much about such things. But I feel more responsible for lots of things as becoming elder, still fail answering question what's my age right away, in my mind I am so much younger, I guess soul (if you believe in soul) is not aging.. I feel younger in my heart and I like that we connect easily, it's a good sign. I guess it is not easy to connect fast, especially when we are from different cultures and different worlds so being understanding towards each other is very important, we might have not the same view on everything as we are independent individuals and I am curious about you, knowing you and learning about you, I would never tell you what to say or how to act, I accept people the way they are, this is in my nature. My break at work is nearly over and I have to prepare before next client comes. I wouldn't be working so hard if it wasn't for paying for bills. I would just work part time or half day, but truth is that I'm taking additional hours and work outside salon too. I was in swimming pool yesterday, my most favorite way of relaxing all muscles in my body. Still dreaming about massage for my legs, pity your hands are far away. Ha ha Kiss Elena Pide para hacer pagos , usa IP de EEUU, es egocentrica habla de si mismo, no tiene cam, no quiere que la llamen, no responder de preguntas.

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