Scam report about Yulya Shishka

First name:  Yulya
Last name:  Shishka
Aka:  Yulik_27
Age:  32
Location:  Kiev, Ukraine
On websites:
Report:  I meet this girl via one of the many marriage agencies she listed and she think she super model but was dressed like grandmother. Immediately she started same (Ukraine scam) story as already written above and other website (?no money and so on; can't even afford food? etc); I helped and payed for her many things etc which unfortunately a mistake so I stopped it (she invent fake reason to get/steal money). On Instagram: yulik_27 she make big show life she can lead. She listed since years on these websites say everything and her only goal is to rip off foreign man as Russian/Ukraine man would never pay her thousands of UAH/USD without anything in return. If I knew/saw this website before?dont waste your time/money with this person, she a professional marriage agency imposter/big liar/money rotten girl.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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