Scam report about Alena Rodichkina

First name:  Alena
Last name:  Rodichkina
Aka:  Alea
Age:  46
Location:  Russia, Neftegorsk, Samarskaya Oblast
Phone:  +7 (927) 204 68 35 / +7 (921) 265 34 17
Report:  I met Alena Igorevna Rodichkina located at Sportivnaya, Ulitsa 27, Neftegorsk, 446600, Samarskaya Oblast, Rusland on a website called Elite Singles in February 2018. She shared her email address of and and we started to communicate. She shared pictures of herself and family. She also contacted me from cell phone with numbers of +7 (927) 204 68 35 / +7 (921) 265 34 17. After about a month she wanted to visit me, but she did not had money to pay for travel ticket. I then explained to her that I will not transfer money to her, but I am willing to pay a travel agency. She then arrange with a travel agency with the email address to contact me. I then got an email from Anna at the travel agency who gave me a quote of US dollar 1033. I agreed on the quote and paid the money into the directors bank account. The directors name is Olga Ladnova. (See attachment). She then all of a sudden explained that she needs solvency of US dollar 5200 otherwise she will not get a visa. I was not willing to pay the money but then she eventually convinced me to pay the money with the promise she will pay it back once she meet me in South Africa (see attachment). She apparently then went to the embassy in Moscow and they told her that she has outstanding mortgage payments of US dollar 4300 with the bank on her apartment and she will have to pay that before she could leave the country. She convinced me to again assist her and promised me that after she pay the outstanding money she will sell the apartment and then pay back my money. She told me that she had a buyer for the apartment for US dollar 59000. She promised to come to me after she sold the apartment and to pay back all my money. Obviously everything was a well planned scam. Please see attachment of pictures and her passport.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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