Scam report about Marina Orlova

First name:  Marina
Last name:  Orlova
Aka:  Tanya
Age:  34
Location:  Russia penza
Phone:  +79093660572
On websites:
Report:  I was cheated at 1,400 EUR given herself as Marina Orlova but I know she was lying and I found her profile on Russian Facebook and I know that he works on the radio I attach her last letter to me Hello, my love Grzegorz, Whatever your reaction to this e-mail will be, I want you first of all to know that I love you most of all in this world and I will always remember you if even you decide to abandon me, my darling Grzegorz. The trip to Moscow was really successful. I was in time everywhere. First I got the necessary notification that I have enough money on my pocket. Then I had an interview. It was also successful but!!! They were about to issue the visa when they found out that I have not paid the loan I have taken to buy my flat. Some years ago I took the loan to buy the flat and we lived there with my mother. Years later she met other man after death of my father and they moved to live in the house in the village outside of the town. I stayed here in the flat and I pay the credit every month partly. They explained that according to the laws of the Russian Federation they do not allow a person with unpaid credits to leave the country because very often they disappear and the government can't find them any more. The man in the embassy said that everything is alright with my application but I can get visa only after I pay the credit back and the embassy will have such information. I need to show them the certificate from the bank that my credit is paid off. Of course, I was so much disappointed and I was crying all day today! Honey, I can't believe it's the end!!!!!!! It's impossible but it must be so because I haven't paid a large sum of money yet. If I count it in euros, it will be about 1700 euros. Grzegorz, I am really sorry and lost. I do not want you to suffer as much as I do. I want that everything is ok with us but obstacles are constantly arising. By the way, I asked the man in the embassy if there are other things that prevent me from coming because I was really angry. He sad I can go as soon as I pay the whole sum to the bank. Anyway the last obstacle is too serious and I have no power now. If only you were here to support me. I go home now and when I come back, I will talk to my mother, may be she will find the solution of it. I will go to the bank where I took the loan as soon as I'm in my town also. I contacted travel company and explained them my problem. They must cancel my flight not to lose my air-plane tickets, darling. I will write you more as soon as I talk to the bank where I took my credit and to travel company. Please, forgive me but I can't take my flight without all necessary documents! I hope you will not be so angry and will understand my situation. I don't give up, darling. I will find a solution! We just need to wait more time. Honey, I love you. I will always love you. I hope you will write me in spite of all that has happened. Kiss you, your Marina with love and hope for the better

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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