Scam report about Morgan Meloche

First name:  Morgan
Last name:  Meloche
Age:  35
Location:  Texas
On websites:  Facebook, hangout
Report:  I started talking to Morgan and after a breif chat over a couple of days we decided to try and start a relationship. She wanted to come live in the state I am in because she said she had no friends or family anymore and if I would purchase the flight ticket that she would come. I purchased the flight ticket for her and the day of the flight she told me she needed money for cab and luggage and she needed to buy something sexual things she needed. I asked her how much money she needed and it was 250$ and then when I told her I didn?t have it she said well I am not coming if you cannot provide for me the things I want now. After a back and forth chat decided to send her the money. Only in one hour less she came back asking for more money and if I didn?t send it she was staying there and I would never see her. I said good luck and stopped it.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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