Scam report about Marina 

First name:  Marina
Aka:  Alexandra Sitnikova
Age:  30
Location:  Russia Glazov
On websites:  unkown
Report:  Here we go again. This scammer wrote me back in October and I reported it November 1 2018. She is listed as Alexandra Sitnikova. Both time she indicated her name was Marina. So again she wrote me and I recognized her right away. Several pictures provided no questions who it was. I replied to her saying you wrote me in Oct. this year It's amazing now you are 2 cm taller and weight is 1 km more Even more amazing is in October your birthday was December 15, 1987 Now your birthday is July 17, 1988. So a month ago she said she was 31 now she is 30. LOL. Nothing but lie after lie. The same day I replied I got two more emails. Do they even read the emails they get. Don't think so. Reporting her again as there are two new email addresses and slightly different letters. When these scammers show a different email address to reply to the original sending email address is always strange. Makes me think the first letter is sent by a dating site that the scammers have to pay for email address of the victims

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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