Scam report about Erika Brown

First name:  Erika
Last name:  Brown
Aka:  Rita Wilson
Age:  41
Location:  Appleton, WI. USA
Phone:  920-786-5486
On websites:  Tagged
Report:  Erika contacted ne on Google Hangouts around Oct 20th and said she saw my profile on Tagged and wanted to talk with me. We've carried on a running conservation since that time. She quickly told me her history and that she was divorced because her Ex cheated on her. In a short period of time she was telling me she thought she loved me and was promising to come and visit me. She informed me that she lived in Appleton, WI and was originally from Sweden but had become an American citizen and sent a picture of her passport. However her accent sounds more Africian to me than Swedish. She was supposed to come visit before Thanksgiving but wasn't able to because her father who lives in Stockhom, Sweden became very ill and was having lung surgery. According to her account the surgery was successful but he died in a few days due to complications. Her story now is that she doesn't have the money to fly back due her extended stay and the settling of her inheritance. Her father, Malcom Brown, supposedly let her quite a fortune in gold and she wants me to contact the shipping company and pay the fees to have the gold shipped here to me so it will be here for her when she comes. It certainly sounds like a scam and I'm not will not send her any money. I told her that and don't expect I'll be hearing from her again.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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